hush. (discodino) wrote in greenday_love,

just joined.

What is your name?: Tracy
How long have you like green day?: Since I was a little kid about 6, 7, or 8. One of my big sisters got me into them.
My favorite song/album: My favorite song would have to be Stuart and the Ave. Favorite album is Insomniac.
Have you been to a green day concert?where?: Yeah, I went to their concert back in May on the 14th in Kansas City. It kicked so much ass too.
Who is your favorite member? why? I don't have a favorite, they all have their unique abilities, talents, and skills. All of them are equally hot too. I don't care. Billie is hot. Frank(Tre) is hot. Mike is hot. Come on now, it's hard not to love them all equally with everything they have put together in that band. I also like Jason White =]
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