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name: Raychel
how long have you liked Green Day?: about 2 years
favorite cd/song, why?:whoa, this is hard, i guess my favorite cd has to be 39/smoothes.. i love every song on it soo much..grrr i LOVE every green day song! so i'll name a few of my favorites, 80, jesus of suburbia, basket case, only of you, reject, prosthetic head, redundant, fashion victim.. moreeeee moree moreee! =D
have you ever been to a green day concert? where? yes i have, aug. 29th manchester nh i'm pretty sure.. and i am going to my second one today!!! yayy!!! at gillette stadium! i'm soo oexcitedddddddddd
who's your favorite member? why? wow i don't really have a favorite! so i will say some reasons why i like all of them, Billie Joe Armstrong, omg he works so much on writing these songs! and every single song that he writes turns out amazing, he has an amazing voice! i love his hair hie eyes.. everything about him!!<3333 TRE' COOL!! whoa!! he is so funny! he is adorible also, he does whatever he wants and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him, AND MIKE, he is relly funny, he can do really funny voices, yah.. kinda.. hahah anywayyyyy he's really talented, and really cool!

i love the layout babyyyyy =D
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